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Meeting the Jockey Club’s heritage requirements ,

The Jockey Club was founded in 1750 and the Grade ll listed building in Newmarket features on the National Heritage List for England. The historic Committee Room is at the heart of the property and used by members for many events, meetings and dinners. With its polished wooden floor, it can also be transformed for evening events into a dance area.

The refurbishment of the room, with its five metre high ceilings, included hand painting all the walls and the introduction of a new modern high specification heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This was designed to create a more energy efficient and comfortable indoor environment within a room which could be unusable in warm weather due to the heat or too cold in the cooler weather due to the under performance of the heating.

Regular refurbishment work has been undertaken to preserve and upgrade the facilities, keeping the building operating as efficiently as possible and using sustainable resources wherever feasible. Before addressing the refurbishment of the Committee Room, an air conditioning and heating system for the Club’s Coffee Room had been designed, powered by a 350 kW biomass boiler using fuel sourced from managed woodland on Newmarket Gallops.

For the Committee Room, the architect and building services engineers wished to utilise a discreet small duct cooling system with a renewable energy source rather than an unsightly traditional air conditioning system which, with its large room ceiling unit, would not be acceptable or in harmony with the historic interior architecture.

Full climate control is now provided through a 10kW Invisible.AC air handling unit located in the space above the ceiling and featuring coils for heating and cooling. It is connected to the existing biomass boiler to provide heating whilst for cooling, it connects to an Air Source Heat Pump. Insulated, sound attenuating flexible ducts, just 105mm external diameter, link the air handling unit to the room outlets. A touch control room controller is provided for easy temperature setting and adjustment.

Two eight metre long custom designed 25mm linear slots just below ceiling level are the only evidence that a heating and cooling system has actually been installed, so unobtrusive and quiet is the Invisible.AC system. Performance levels, however, are far more tangible and once the room temperature has been set it is reached quickly. Invisible.AC air jet technology ensures a temperature differential of just 1 degree C throughout the room, with no draughts. An energy saving CO2 sensor, which controls fresh air supply to match the occupancy of the room completes the installation.

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