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PodKool: Office pod Air Conditioning ,

With Invisible.AC’s PodKool, meeting rooms and office pods can be comfortable and desirable working environments all year round. It puts an end to overheated, stuffy work areas where staff are having to share the space with operational office equipment.

PodKool’s air-jet comfort offers perfect cooling up to 2kW for any pod space, with a pre-settable temperature down to 18°C. Draught free space with no hot spots or uneven temperatures is so much more effective than traditional air conditioning. Noise is very low and there is no audible disruption.

PodKool is easy to install in new or to retrofit within existing pods. It’s a fully self-contained, plug & play out of the box unit. Multi-configurable, single and multiple pods with a choice of outlet and design options are available. Simple temperature control and a settable interface for the installer are provided with no further user adjustment necessary. With easy maintenance and a factory service exchange scheme, PodKool has a highly durable finish with full RAL colour matching.

Last edited: June 26, 2023
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