Case Study

Wandsworth Council ,

When Wandsworth Council offices in Putney Bridge Road were refurbished, the challenge was to provide climate control for staff in a mixture of open plan and individual offices.

The project involved the replacement of split air conditioning and VRV systems with high performance Invisible.AC systems on four levels within three refurbished buildings. For refurbishment projects, Invisible.AC systems offer the advantage that they can always be reconfigured as a building’s use changes. In this case the solution has seen Invisible.AC being specified to provide heating, cooling and ventilation air conditioning to individual rooms.

High velocity efficient air handling units with high efficiency fan blowers and EC fans provide around 70% savings on running costs compared with AC fans.

The flexible ducting is simply snaked through ceiling spaces and wall cavities and the room air outlets are totally unobtrusive and discreet.

Quiet air conditioning means operational noise levels kept to a minimum and this is critical for the office environment.

Last edited: June 27, 2023
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