Case Study

Woodview House ,

The owners of Woodview House in Ascot not only wanted cooling in the summer season, but for the winter also required energy efficient heating to complement an existing gas fired central heating system. The system had to be designed to maintain a comfortable environment in all bedrooms on the first floor of the property whilst ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency.

The Invisible.AC system is linked to a high efficiency heat pump air conditioning condensing unit. This combination was the most energy efficient, responsive and unobtrusive solution. It not only provides cooling during the summer, but offers an energy efficient means for heating and cooling bedrooms, without the requirement to run the gas central heating system for the whole property.

A low energy central air handling unit is mounted in the loft space and connected to a central plenum supply duct and small duct delivery system which supplies each of the five bedrooms.

The system is very cost effective to run and has low noise levels. The solution is attractive both in terms of its green credentials and its integration into a modern residential living environment.

Last edited: June 26, 2023
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