Introducing new jet induction fan coil technology

In the hospitality world, the comfort and enjoyment of guests is paramount. Throughout a hotel, from the reception area to the function rooms, from the spa to the bedrooms, these facilities serve as homes for guests, providing a controlled and pleasant indoor environment. Whatever the occasion, comfort and ambience are not a luxury, but a necessity for a positive guest experience and a key element of a hotel’s reputation.

Invisible.AC Solutions

Temperature Control for Comfort

An Invisible.AC solution combines air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification in a single system for year-round comfort. High-velocity induction air-jets eliminate drafts and ensure a temperature differential no greater than 1ºC throughout a room.

Quality of Sleep

The Invisible.AC system is one of the quietest around. The use of acoustic technology throughout ensures that the system operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration.

Air Comfort and Air Quality

With an Invisible.AC system, there is no need to compromise on appearance. The single 25-mm wide linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor. Inconspicuous round outlets are also available.

Space saving

The Invisible.AC multi-zone air-handling / fan-coil equipment fits easily in ceiling voids with small, flexible mini-ducts running above ceilings or in partition walls.

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    Room Outlets

    Invisible.AC hotel bedroom outlets are designed for new build and renovation projects covering all types of modern or period interior. The designer floor and wall linear slots are the most discreet available in terms of size, visual appearance and low noise. Meeting all interior design aesthetic requirements, they offer great installation versatility and can be combined in long and short runs for visual appeal. Selecting Invisible.AC means that unsightly and outdated air conditioning grilles and wall mounted units as well as radiators and pipework can be consigned to the past.

    Ceiling options

    Aesthetic interior design considerations are fundamental to the design of Invisible.AC’s linear slot and round outlets for ceiling installation.

    Floor options

    Room outlets form the final element of a sophisticated air distribution system that offers optimum indoor air comfort all year round whether heating or cooling.

    Wall options

    Every property is different in terms of its interior design, contemporary or traditional fittings and furnishings. The quality and appearance of the room outlets are just as important to homeowners and designers as their proven performance.

    Quality of Sleep

    Invisible. AC systems give homeowners, architects, designers, engineers and installers the flexibility to meet the needs of any new build or renovation project.

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    Approaches to Air Comfort

    Those establishments that prioritise and invest in effective solutions set themselves apart as providers of exceptional hospitality. Yet, implementing the optimal solution, particularly within guest bedrooms, remains one of the most significant challenges for both hotel groups chains and individual boutique establishments.

    Finding that solution involves addressing various crucial questions, covering guest comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, installation and integration with existing building services and management systems. HVAC manufacturers offer various technology approaches, but compromise is often been inevitable.

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    Benefits of sdHVAC Technology

    Over the years, traditional air conditioning systems and portable units have been widely used in conjunction with separate heating systems. However, Invisible.AC is changing the market with its innovative Small Duct High-Velocity (sdHVAC) technology designed specifically for the hospitality sector.

    High quality, high performance all in one air comfort solutions will efficiently and silently distribute both heated and cooled air throughout all areas of hotels, whether new build, refurbishment projects, modern or heritage properties.

    Features & Specifications

    The company’s latest range of dedicated Hotel Fan Coil Units range, as part of a complete Invisible.AC package, together offers major advantages over traditional AC systems:


    • High Energy Efficiency
    • Easy integration With BMS Systems
    • Compatible With Renewables
    • Bespoke, highly discreet room outlet designs
    • Ease of Installation
    • Ultra-Quiet Operation
    • Flexible Supply Ducting
    • Minimal Air Movement
    • Smaller Footprint
    • Room Temperature Within a 1º C range
    • Modularity Allows Fine-Tuning of Capacity
    • Easier Maintenance
    • Heating, Humidity Control and Air Filtration.