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PodKool sets the standard in Pod air conditioning

With the new PodKool from Invisible.AC, meeting room and office pods can be comfortable, desirable working environments all year round. It puts an end to overheated, stuffy work spaces that hard working staff and office equipment have to share.

PodKool’s revolutionary air-jet comfort is brought to you by Invisible.AC, world leaders in small duct heating and ventilation (sdHVAC) technology.

Look what PodKool has to offer in the working environment:

  • Perfect cooling up to 2kW for any pod space
  • Highest comfort levels for all occupants throughout the pod with pre-settable temperature down to 18°C
  • Draught free space with no hot spots or uneven temperatures – it’s so much more effective than traditional air-con.
  • Very low noise and no audible disruption.

See how PodKool will appeal to installers, H&V stockists and specifiers:

  • It’s easy to install new in new pods or retrofit to existing
  • It’s a fully self-contained, roof mounted, Plug & Play out of the box unit
  • Simple temperature control, settable interface for the installer and no further user adjustment necessary
  • Multi-configurable, single and multiple pods with a choice of outlet and design options
  • Easy maintenance and factory service exchange scheme
  • Highly durable finish with full RAL colour matching.

Versatile PodKool is ideal for many other applications too. Invisible.AC provides full technical specifications, installation instructions and support.

Download the Podkool Brochure

PodKool delivers the ideal working conditions!

Invisible.AC has continuously developed a range of sdHVAC products that meet fully the cooling, ventilation and heating requirements of users in the commercial and residential markets. Adhering to the strictest technical specification conformity requirements, PodKool is the latest innovation and it specifically addresses the need for the highest efficiency and most effective air-jet comfort for pods.

Technical Description

  • PodKool from Invisible.AC is a self-contained – Plug & Play – packaged air-conditioning unit, with a nominal 2kW cooling duty.
  • It is designed for specific use in internal office Pod type applications, for roof mounting on a suitably designed platform.
  • The settable temperature control manages the Invisible.AC unique ‘draught-free’ air delivery technology. Any condensate water generated is automatically evaporated.
  • Electrical Specification: Volts 220-240VAC/50-60Hz 16amp supply.

Key Features

  • High comfort self-contained refrigeration system for cooling internal offices/meeting rooms – nominal duty – 2kW
  • Fresh (external office) air make-up available – of up to 90 (l/s) litres per second.
  • Power source 220-240VAC single-phase,50/60Hz: Power 16amps supply.
  • Unit dimensions – 500mm x 1025mm x 285mm
  • Gross operational weight – 60kg.
  • Manual temperature control setting – 18°C minimum.
  • Nominal noise level (internal) NR30 – lower levels on request.
  • Noise level (external) – NR50 at 2m from air-conditioner.

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