The innovative Xythermal hotel ventilation, heating and air conditioning system means excellent bedroom cooling delivering a good night’s sleep for guests and no more sleepless nights for management teams worried about customer satisfaction and occupancy levels.

Xythermal™ – A ground breaking hotel ventilation, heating and air conditioning system from Invisible.AC

  • The best air conditioning; simple, flexible installation in new-build, existing and heritage hotels**
  • Single integrated package for ventilation, heating and air conditioning
  • Ground-breaking innovative slotted outlet solution, custom-designed for hotels
  • Superior guest experience with healthy, even temperatures and instant personal control in quiet, fresh, draught-free bedrooms
  • Guest satisfaction boosts occupancy rates and repeat business
  • Discreet air outlets enhance traditional or modern décor
  • Central small ducted space-saving plant and air filtration
  • Centralised control and maintenance with no room maintenance visits needed
  • Low operating costs with energy-efficient system and 80% heat and cooling energy recovery.

**requires only a 150mm ceiling void and now allows full-height entrance design flexibility

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Product Features

The Xythermal™ solution delivers new levels of energy efficiency, flexibility and control, reduces installation, maintenance and operating costs, and helps hotel operators maintain competitive rates by controlling through life costs for heating and cooling.

Improved Experience

The Xythermal system puts an end to the noisy, draughty rooms, stale air and uneven temperatures typical of obsolete hotel heating and cooling systems. Instead, guests enjoy fresh, healthy air with even temperatures throughout the room, no draughts and no noise in a peaceful, comfortable environment they can control.

Attractive Décor

To enhance the guest experience even further, you can do away with pipes, radiators, grilles, fans, coils, condensate drains or other mechanical moving parts in the room. The Xythermal system only requires a discreet air conditioning outlet in the floor, wall or ceiling for warm or cold air. The single linear slotted outlets blend with any traditional or modern style and are equally unobtrusive in rooms with period décor.

Comfortable Climate

Your guests enjoy a uniform temperature throughout the room with no hot or cold spots. The Xythermal system uses small-duct, high-velocity (SDHVAC) jet fan coil technology to supply warm or cool air with a variation of less than 1°C in all parts of the room, compared to the variation of up to 6°C with conventional systems. It removes 30 percent more relative humidity and delivers air that is always fresh, with none of the odours associated with condensate drains or dried out traps. If guests want to vary conditions, they can have individual control of room temperatures with instant response.

Quiet Rooms

Guest rooms are quiet. All of the mechanical operations take place in the central plant and the air conditioning system is one of the quietest around. The use of acoustic technology throughout ensures that the system operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration. Sound-attenuating ducts, smooth running equipment, extensive insulation and low-turbulence outlets enable noise levels as low as NR20, to be designed.

Higher Satisfaction

By offering this level of comfort in hotel air conditioning, you can boost occupancy levels, improve guest satisfaction and increase opportunities for repeat business. You can also minimise the risk of poor guest experience leading to complaints, room changes, demands for discounts or refunds, or damaging online reviews.

The Xythermal system is simply good for business.

Simple Installation

A complete integrated Xythermal heating, ventilating and air conditioning system requires only a space-saving central plant and filter with just one hot and cold coil for conditioning multiple rooms. Air is supplied to room outlets through unique air-switching units via compact, flexible small-bore ducts that simplify installation in building risers, ceiling voids or cavity walls. The system requires no high-pressure refrigerant pipework, condensate drains, fan coils or filters in guest rooms.

Central Maintenance

With no mechanical components in guest rooms, all maintenance is carried out centrally, reducing through life costs. There is no need to take guest rooms out of service for maintenance or inspection, maximising occupancy. The system, which was designed in Cambridge to conform to international standards, uses highly reliable European blowers and heat exchanger coils, minimising the risk of downtime and replacement costs.

Flexible Control

The Xythermal system provides flexible control options. The system can be controlled centrally from a management console or from reception. Controllers can implement zonal control, with different climate conditions for guest rooms, offices, conference rooms, storage rooms and public areas such as reception or restaurants. Temperatures can be adjusted for occupied rooms, vacant rooms or boosted for north-facing rooms or rooms with large windows. Guests can also make individual adjustments to guarantee even room temperature using modern touch-sensitive controllers.

Efficient Operation

The Xythermal system injects air into guest rooms with hi-velocity air conditioning – resulting in much better mixing than the low velocity ‘air-dumping’ of conventional HVAC systems. This ‘Aspiration’ technique was pioneered by an American jet propulsion engineer, Calvin McCracken, after he observed the swirling mixing of air surrounding jet engines.

Energy Savings

The system is compatible with high-efficiency reversible heat exchanger units to provide heating and air conditioning from a single source. Heat recovery and cooling energy recovery is in the region of 80 percent. The heat exchangers are designed to maximise coefficient of performance (COP), while eco-efficient fan power is typically better than a class-leading 1 W/l/s. As well as eliminating the additional capital costs of installing two separate systems, the combination of a modern heat-pump and an Xythermal system can increase energy efficiency and energy savings by 300 percent over conventional fossil-fuel installations. With modern central rejection-chiller plant COP’s approaching double figures can be achieved. The ability to deliver constant, even temperatures and the potential savings from system zoning can increase energy efficiency even further.

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