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Perfect combination for home air conditioning: Invisible.AC and air source heat pump ,

The extension and loft conversion within a mid 20th century semi-detached house in Hertfordshire features an Invisible.AC small duct air conditioning system. It provides cooling to the new first and second floor bedrooms in the property and uses an air source heat pump as the prime generator. The decision to install the air conditioning was made to counteract the discomfort and sleep disruption being caused during hot summer nights. The occupants now no longer have to open windows for overnight comfort with the risk of being disturbed by outside noise.

The owners wanted a system that could not only be used with renewables, but would also be unobtrusive visually and operate with minimal noise. Traditional ceiling cassette air conditioning was considered unsuitable. The system chosen also had to be independent, but complement the property’s existing gas fired radiator heating and underfloor hydronic heating systems.

Invisible.AC’s fully engineered small duct  high velocity air conditioning system (sdHVAC) was the solution. Specifically developed for the UK and Europe, it meets the demand for an aesthetically pleasing design, quiet operation and has UKCA/CE compliance. It is a versatile all-in-one system that can be used for not only for comfort cooling but also for heating. It can be integrated with fresh air heat recovery mechanical ventilation systems and significantly reduces relative humidity levels. Indoor air quality can be improved with different types of simple filters or more sophisticated purification methods that reduce unpleasant odours and can remove harmful particulates.

Unobtrusive and stylish 66mm round room outlets have been positioned in pairs in bedroom ceilings. Conditioned air is injected at high velocity through the outlets without any resulting draughts or cold spots and with a temperature variation across a room is no more than 1º C. This compares very favourably with a variation of up to 6º C which is possible with conventional air conditioning. Space saving flexible mini-ducts are designed to fit within the 150 mm ceiling voids and fed through the eves and partition walls. They were installed without disruption during the latter stages of the build.

The compact Invisible.AC air handler, linked to the quiet running Panasonic air source heat pump sited on the flat roof of the extension, fits perfectly in the landing cupboard and is easily accessible. A wall mounted touch controller in the master bedroom provides instant and responsive room temperature control throughout all the bedrooms, study and exercise room on the upper levels.

Even when the system is operating at full duty, it is very quiet with noise levels as low as NR20,  ensuring no disturbance during sleeping hours. Indeed, the use of acoustic technology throughout the system – sound attenuating ducts, extensive insulation, low turbulence ducts and high quality components – ensure minimal noise and vibration.

The overall performance, appearance, size and energy efficiency of this Invisible.AC system, along with its compatibility with air and ground source heat pumps, has clearly demonstrated its suitability for comfort cooling in home renovations or extension projects – whatever the age and design of the property. With working from home becoming more frequent, the homeowners are making even more use of the air conditioning during warmer days as well as the nights.

Invisible.AC has been a sound investment and we can benefit from its versatility and performance for years to come
Last edited: August 24, 2023
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