Invisible sdHVAC

The System

The Invisible.AC Small Duct High Velocity (sdHVAC) system is the all-in-one solution for heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification. It eliminates the additional capital and installation costs of separate systems. It is so much more effective than a traditional HVAC system in the way conditioned air is delivered into any living or work space. It doesn’t just diffuse the air, but rather uses jet induction technology to direct it at high velocity into a room.


Through better mixing, the draughts, cold or hot spots associated with conventional technology are eliminated. Even temperatures with minimal differential across a room are ensured. The system also removes 30% more relative humidity than traditional air conditioning systems. It can be configured for ventilation with heat recovery as well as air purification to improve air quality and reduce unpleasant and harmful odours.

Compatibility with air and ground source heat pumps addresses the requirement for renewable technologies and energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions. System zoning gives users the flexibility and control to set precise temperatures for different conditions in different areas. The basic twin zone product allows up to full duty in either zone.

Invisible.AC is not only a visually highly discreet system, but it is also the quietest air conditioning system on the market. The use of acoustic technology ensures the system operates with low noise and minimal vibration. Sound attenuating ducts, extensive insulation and low turbulence outlets keep noise levels as low as NR20 for quiet operation in homes, restaurants, working areas and hotel bedrooms.

Designed for integration within complete building automation systems and smart home technology, overall Invisible.AC is the complete indoor climate control solution.

Room Outlets

Invisible.AC is all about high end, bespoke solutions for new build and renovation projects in residential and commercial properties. The designer linear slots and round outlet room outlet ranges are the superior high specification visual element of the air distribution system. They have been carefully crafted and refined for ceilings, walls or floors within all types of contemporary or traditional building interiors. Ugly grilles, wall mounted units, radiators and pipework can be consigned to the past.

The outlets meet all aspirational aesthetic and performance requirements of end users, specifiers, interior designers and building services professionals. They deliver almost silent and invisible air conditioning or heating that ensures optimum comfort for occupants.

System components

Jet fan coils and air handlers (1kW-32kW capacity), main central ductwork, flexible noise cancelling mini-ducts and a comprehensive range of complementary room controllers and components make up the complete Invisible.AC system.

Compact and designed for convenient installation in a loft or even a cupboard space, refrigerant and water coils as well as combination coils are available to cover all heating, cooling, hot and cold water requirements. Space saving 100 mm diameter flexible ducting can be fitted within ceiling voids and wall spaces. Room controllers provide responsive and instant climate control.

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