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Yes it is! It has already been around a long time and its benefits are proven in terms of versatility, suitability for new build and refurbishment projects in so many different types of building. Its energy efficiency and compatibility with renewables makes it an even more attractive proposition with today’s high levels of interest in technology that addresses our environmental concerns.

The focus on design means that Invisible.AC looks closely at current trends in building interiors. Feedback from customers is also an important element of the company’s product development process. This means that the customisation of discreet room outlets is an important consideration. Linear slots and round outlets can be created to complement any decor in any room.

Invisible.AC operates in conjunction with a nationwide network of approved installers. They have all undertaken rigorous training and in the field are fully supported by the Invisible.AC team. Any new installers wishing to get involved with Invisible.AC can contact the company to arrange training courses.

Alongside heating and cooling, indoor air quality is a vital consideration. The flexibility of Invisible.AC means that many different types of air filtration, including HEPA and UV light, can be incorporated within an installation.

Whilst in some parts of the world the provision of air conditioning is the most important function of an Invisible. AC installation, in the UK and Northern Europe heating during the colder months is essential. The beauty of Invisible.AC technology is that it is reversible and can offer heating, cooling…or both!

The system can be retrofitted. It provides whole house air conditioning and/or heating. It maintains comfortable living conditions all year round. Controllable temperatures can be set for different rooms, draft free and even. Operational noise is minimal. At a time when energy bills are soaring, heat-pump compatibility is a major advantage.

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