Case Studies

Hotel Chocolat case-studies hotel chocolat

Simply pristine chocolate!

Hotel Chocolat’s new store at Westfield Stratford

The challenge

To help keep chocolate in pristine condition and provide comfort for staff and customers in this beautifully created high ceiling open-fronted store.

“the Invisible.AC system was simple to install, flexible and the Invisible.AC system has proven the perfect solution.”

The solution

  • Invisible.AC offered advantages not achievable with other types of climate control systems.
  • it delivers the air conditioning through small-ducts and virtually invisible in-store outlets.
  • the 20 kW unit is conveniently located in the roof space.
  • quick response times, even air circulation and consistent temperatures throughout the store were exactly the benefits that Hotel Chocolat were looking for.

Marine Café case studies marina cafe

Fine dining with a conscience!

The beautiful art-deco Marine Café, Milford-on-Sea

The challenge

Owner Richard Thompson not only wanted to recreate an iconic building, but also wanted to offer the local community the very best in fine food and wine, within an environmentally conscious venue.

“With total energy savings of some 10,000 kW hours per year, the building’s CO2 emissions have been reduced by 1,840 kg per year.”

The solution

  • the Invisible.AC system is linked to Daikin Altherma heat pumps to provide a fully integrated heating and cooling air conditioning system for the café and the living accommodation.
  • two very compact, low energy consumption Invisible.AC air handling units are in the ceiling void.
  • a small ducted air conditioning delivery system weaves around ceiling joists to provide cooling in the café area.
  • the discreet wall Invisible.AC slotted outlets deliver conditioned air into the café and blend seamlessly with décor.

Woodview House case studies woodview house ascot

Residential cooling & heating all year round

Woodview House, Ascot

The challenge

The owners not only wanted cooling in the summer season, but also energy efficient heating to complement the gas fired central heating system during the winter.

The heating and cooling system had to be designed to maintain a comfortable environment in all bedrooms on the first floor of the property whilst ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency.

“The system is very cost effective to run and has low noise levels. The Invisible.AC solution is attractive both in terms of its green credentials and its integration into a modern living environment.”

The solution

  • an Invisible.AC system linked to a high efficiency heat pump air conditioning condensing unit. This combinationwas the most energy efficient, responsive and unobtrusive solution.
  • it not only provides cooling during the summer, but offers an energy efficient means for heating and cooling bedrooms, without the requirement to run the gas central heating system for the whole property.
  • a low energy central air handling unit is mounted in the loft space and connected to a central plenum supply duct and small duct delivery system which supplies each of the five bedrooms.

Wandsworth Council Offices case studies wandsworth council

The Council feels cool!

Refurbished Wandsworth Council offices in Putney Bridge Road

The challenge

Provide climate control for staff in a mixture of open plan and individual offices. Replace split air conditioning and VRV systems with high performance Invisible.AC systems on four levels within three refurbished buildings.

“Invisible.AC systems are great for refurbishment projects and can always be reconfigured as a building’s use changes.”

The solution

  • the Invisible.AC systems provide heating, cooling and ventilation air conditioning to individual rooms.
  • hi velocity efficient air handling units with high efficiency fan blowers and EC fans providing around 70% savings on running costs compared with AC fans.
  • the flexible ducting is simply snaked through ceiling spaces and wall cavities and the room air outlets are totally unobtrusive and discreet.
  • quiet air conditioning operational noise levels kept to a minimum – critical for the office environment.