Case Study

The new Mansion at the Grove ,

After months of refurbishment, the Mansion rooms and suites at The Grove are now open. Again, the proven energy efficiency of Invisible.AC was key to its selection for this historic building, along with its suitability for use within heritage properties. The “invisibility” of the system meant that it would blend seamlessly with the re-imagined individual interior designs, created by Martin Hulbert Design, where the antique and the contemporary blend to create the ultimate luxury experience.

Continuous Invisible.AC linear grilles, through which cooled or heated air is injected at high velocity, are positioned on the edge of the ceilings and are scarcely noticeable. In some of the rooms they have been cleverly custom designed and integrated within the coving so that they almost disappear from sight.

Comfort and tranquility are prerequisites for guests and with its virtually silent operation – as low as NR20 – Invisible.AC was the perfect choice. This has been achieved through a number of design features including that of the Invisible.AC modular hotel fan coils for each room which feature twin fans operating at low speed for quietness. Noise levels are further reduced by the sound attenuating design of the flexible ducts which connect the fan coils through wall cavities and ceiling spaces to the low turbulence room outlets.

The flexibillity of the space saving ducting was perfect for this type of heritage building renovation where the original mansion’s structure is a labyrinth of corridors, stairwells, nooks and crannies. This had to be taken into consideration in the design of the air delivery systems. It also led to the customised four-module design of the kW 400 x 300 and 500 x 300 mm jet fan coils. These have been cleverly positioned in a vertical or horizontal orientation within convenient wall and ceiling voids or cupboards adjacent to each bedroom suite.

The Invisible.AC system is linked to the hotel’s chiller/ boiler plant and BMS system. Individual room controllers provide responsive, instant personal temperature adjustments.

Last edited: June 26, 2023
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